Tuesday, December 13, 2011

4th Grade SNOWS Math!!

I saw a variation of this bulletin on a website a few years ago and every year I do it, I tweak it a little bit. This year I decided to give full ownership of this bulletin board to my students. They enjoyed it so much, I'm thinking hard about how I can create a new bulletin board next month using the same concept.

I have quite a few students who are full of energy and thrive on incentives. I always look for ways to provide an incentive that would allow the students to celebrate their gifts and talents versus me "giving" them a reward (i.e. sticker, prize, etc.). I use a variety of incentives to keep the students engaged and connected. This particular incentive involved the class working together as a team to create a bulletin board. The reward: a very cool looking display and several compliments given to them by other teachers and students!

4th Grade SNOWS Math! is a wintery scene. The snowmen were created by students who love working with their hands (and coming up to the classroom on their lunch break was an incentive). The snow on the ground was made up of a bunch of snow balls with math problems written on them by a group of students. The snowflakes falling from the sky also had math problems written on them. Each day for a few days students completed the math problems on the snowballs and the snowflakes (usually after finishing an activity early). One day after school I helped the students lay out the bulletin board on the floor. I made sure they had everything they needed (construction paper, staplers, borders, letters) and I allowed them to hang up the items to create our bulletin board. The final product was COOL! And, they were all very proud of what they did. SO WAS I!

They cut out the circles for the bodies, the buttons, scarves, hats, carrots, and eyes!

 One student wanted the snowmen to hold a pencil!
 The snowflakes were calender die cuts that I bought at a local teacher supply store.
  4th Grade SNOWS Math! A perfect behavior incentive and an awesome bulletin board display all in one : )

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