Monday, December 26, 2011

Awesome Freebie...BUT putting myself on a "BLOGGING TIME-OUT"!!

I literally spent the ENTIRE day working on this awesome masterpiece that I am about to unveil. I knew once winter break came that I was going to spend lots of time on the computer, but I think today was overkill! Since Friday evening I have literally slept with my laptop every night! I am definitely putting myself on BLOGGING TIME-OUT! for at least ONE FULL vacation day! That is the plan anyway..... The good thing is I can scratch off another item on my list of goals. I have completed THE BEST Frindle Literature Guide that I have seen yet. It provides graphic organizers, daily discussion starters that activate prior knowledge, writing prompts that set a purpose for listening with each chapter and creative printables that can be added to a class book to celebrate your students' published writing. I plan on using this the first week we go back to school. After completing all of the activities, my students will use their story boards/ reading logs and workshop drafts to create an outline their very own commercial. Once they summarize the story and go through successfully complete their peer/teacher writing conferences, they will have the option of: 1. Creating a podcost (for the camera shy individuals) 2: Create a video (for the not so shy individuals) or 3: Create a book trailer (for those who are interested in a little of both). There is always room for improvement and this is my first official literature guide that I have created to share with the public. Please share any and all comments if you have any suggestions on ways I can improve this product. Enjoy : )

Prior to writing my own literature guide I did a search to see what was out there. had some pretty good reproducables I posted them to my pinterest board if you are interested in checking them out.

click HERE to download

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