Sunday, December 18, 2011

FIRST FREEBIE!! simple as it seems, a lot of work goes into creating your own printables!!! I was so overwhelmed this week because there are so many things I want to accomplish with my blog. I finally set a goal for the end of the weekend and I am posting my accomplishments! Let me just say, it is not much! But, I applied a bunch of little steps to create what I am about to post....number 1: I created a printable in Pages (downloaded free fonts, played with formatting, took a screenshot) number 2: uploaded it to google docs (saved as a pdf, made public) and number 3: linked it back to the source of inspiration (thanks Miss Klohn : ) So here it is.....
 find it on google docs HERE

and see how Miss Klohn used it HERE!

I will be using a variety of these notebook flip charts after the new year! I will post pics and files as I complete them!! Check back soon, because I am on a roll! 

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