Thursday, December 29, 2011

Imagine It!

This year I am using the SRA Imagine It! reading series. This is my first year with the progrm and initially I hated it, mainly because prior to this I taught using Harcourt Trophies and I LOVED it! Well, after teaching through two units, I have found my groove and isn't that bad. I'm not really a fan of their writing program and continue to teach writing the way I did when I used Trophies. Today I spent the afternoon creating a template that I found helpful for quickly (but effectively) moving through the word structure activities. I am going to be using interactive notebooks for now on. I started transitioning them from our regular notebook to interactive notebooks a few weeks ago and after the break I will be m oving with full speed ahead. Here are the forms I will be using with the students for lesson 1. I decided not to load them all at the same time to prevent them from getting lost in old posts. In addition, I didn't want to overwhelm you with too many links on this page. I will be releasing them weekly;  however, if you would like them now, feel free to email me @ Tomorrow I will be posting updated forms for monitoring interventions in an inclusion classroom. These are forms that I use to track the support I give to students during small group/ one-on-one instruction. Feel free to check back and download them.

Ms. Wainwright : )
This is used daily at the start of our literaccy block. It has the words for each line posted along with a task to reinforce the skill that was taught/reviewed. Click HERE to download
In the 2nd reading the students are encouraged
to compare and contrast. This graphic organizer
will go in their notebook. They will fill it in at stop points
during our second reading. Click HERE to download.
Unit 3 Lesson 1: The U.S. Constitution and You. This is a form that will be used to reinforce the key points made in this selection (the 3 Branches of Government). Click HERE to download.



  1. The branches of the government organizer is great! Great job putting that together :)

    We also started a new series this year (Treasures) and it is definitely taking some getting used to. What is with all of these districts starting new series?
    Teaching in Room 6

  2. Thanks Ladies : ) Another great website for teaching about the branches of government is listed below: