Thursday, December 22, 2011


Happy Winter Break.....I mean ...New Year!!! As we wind down to the end of this very loooooong week, I've decided at the last minute to do something "holiday-ish" for my students. I typically don't celebrate holidays in my class. I teach about them, but I don't do any extended activities/crafts. Because there are a diverese group of students in my class, I keep the dialogue open for students to discuss their traditions and beliefs year round and I provide a variety of books for our library. This is all part of creating a responsive classroom. Anyway....Everyone celebrates the New Year in some way, shape or form... January 1st marks a new year for us all in the United States. To create excitement for the break, as well as have the students look forward to our return, I've switched out major bulletin boards in the room, rearranged some desks, deep cleaned every nook and cranny and made it clear that when we return it is a fresh start. To stay with this theme of a "new, fresh start" I am throwing a New Year's Party...."OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW!!! My students are going to be so surprised tomorrow. I have all the fixings for a celebration: semi-healthy snacks and juice boxes, party favors, and......the WII! We are going to set goals, do a 2011 greatest hits chart (movies, songs, books, etc) and celebrate! Pics and activities will be posted soon : )

One more day and counting..... Ms. Wainwright : )

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