Saturday, December 3, 2011

Totally Addicted!

I stumbled across a teacher blog a little less than a week ago when I was searching for clipart. I was creating a homework chart for my students and  clicked on a link that took me to a classroom website.....or so I THOUGHT it was a website....And this is how I discovered LeeLou Blogs. I was first intrigued with how she created a template for Blogger. It made the site look so personal. It wasn't the simple header with minimal clipart. As I surfed through the blog I came across several templates that actually looked like scrap book pages. I was hooked from that moment on. As I continued to click links and visit new blogs.......and click links and visit new blogs, I was taken to new blogs......where I clicked links and was taken to a new blog! I was blown away!!! It is like a mini world for teachers and their blogs! I was actually in the process of developing a website for my class (which after long consideration I've decided to continue with that project); however, I am now completely addicted to blogging. I want to learn everything there is to learn about creating an inviting, informative, and entertaining blog for teachers and parents. I have come across several resources which I will totally blog about over the next few months as I develop my new found virtual project. The first stop will be Teaching Blog Traffic School. Then I will head over to the Virtual Teaching Expo where I will take a crash course in Blogging 101. I have so many things I want to do which I will begin blogging about once my journey begins (tomorrow!). In addition to my new blogging adventures, I will also share my journey as I travel through the resubmission process for National Board Certification for Professiona Teachers.....I missed by ONE point (you will probably hear about this often). I will also share posts about my experiences as a FIRST TIME PUBLISHED CHILDREN'S BOOK WRITER! Stay posted, I'm sure you will enjoy the ride : )

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