Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fraction/Percent Bingo and a FIVE Star Blogger Challenge

As the weather breaks and the state tests come to an end (we finish our science PSSA's next week), classroom management becomes a full-workout (extreme mental cardio) !!! By the end of the day I am exhausted. I have to remind students that school is not yet over and most importantly, I have to make sure they are still LEARNING. To say the least Pinterest and PowerPoint have become my two best friends. If I am not stalking boards, I am throwing together a bingo game or something that I can use to reinforce skills while keeping my kids engaged. Last night I made this fraction bingo game. Primarily for my students with IEP's but EVERYONE loved it. And, everyone had a chance to practice converting simple fractions to decimals and percents. There are several ways you can play this game. Today, I had the students write the fractions in the empty boxes and I called out the decimal or percent. We started the game with a quick review and discussion on how to convert simple fractions and I related it to money. Whenever possible I relate fractions to money! After doing some boardwork we were ready to play. As an accomadation, I posted all of the fractions on the board and when I called out a card, I would ask the students to tell me which fraction this would go with. We played two rounds and had a handful of winners who got to choose a prize from our prize box. Tomorrow I am going to have my intensive support group play memory with the cards I used during the bingo game. My other groups are going to play Go Fish with their set of student made flash cards. So there are at least three games you can play with this downloadable PDF. Feel free to share it, pin it, and use it! Have a great rest of the week : )

Download Here

Are you ready to take the Five Star Blogger Challenge? Head on over to Charity Preston's The Organized Classroom Blog to read all about how you can ensure top quality on your teaching blog! I was happy to read that I met all of the requirements to be considered a "Five Star Blogger"! If you think you are a Five Star Blogger too, link up your blog so other blog hoppers can visit your page from her link! 

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