Friday, September 7, 2012

First Week Back and Two FREEBIES!

This past Tuesday was my first day of school for staff and today was the first day of school with students! I was b...u...s..y! I spent the summer transitioning into a new position, Academic Dean of Students (no longer a 4th grade teacher : ), and being on the other side of the wall is completely different! I have to admit, I felt like something was missing the entire month of August....I didn't stalk Staples (but that was because they changed their policy) and when I did my nightly pinning I REALLY missed preparing a classroom for teaching. I kept pushing though. I continued to plan and meet with my principal. The more I started planning for the school year and the more my plans started to come together, the more excited I started to become about doing something different. Even though I was very entusiastic about taking the job from the beginning and I looked forward to a new challenge and the professional growth, but the reality of not first year not teaching in the last 14 years...took a little getting used to. BUT GUESS WHAT!! I am still teaching (Character Education through literacy and math exercises and I will be leading professional developments once a month). Anyway, I say all this to say... I have been too busy to post my latest Word Study article....I was scheduled to post on Sunday but unfortunately that had to take a backseat this week. Aside from planning and putting a major school-wide Positive Behavior Support  plan (PBS) in place, I have been making and/or tweeking behavior/classroom management tools. I would like to share some of the things I have been making with all of my blog readers for free!! This week I am posting a school-themed template (the picture posted above) that can be used in Powerpoint. It can also be used to make classroom posters (it is editable). I used this template when presenting on Tuesday's professional development....and I loved it. If you like it, feel free to download it from my TPT store for free : )

I also wanted to share a set of labels I made that I will be using to label items in my room. See even though I don't have a class, my office is a classroom. I love this because I get to post sample management tools all throughout my room. The idea is that teachers will be able to use my room as a resource, I have all of my files and printables in folders available for anyone to copy/download, resource books, and management tools that I've used in the past AND some Pinterest inspired tools that I've been making on weekends ( : ) . I will be posting most of the items I use either here or on my Not So Wimpy Teacher's Behavior Manual Blog. On this blog, I will keep my resources pretty general and may be items that you can use in the content areas. On my "Behavior Manual" blog I will continue to post the resources I use for behavior and classroom management. I have a progressive discipline poster just waiting to be posted but I wanted to take some pictures first.

Stop back often and follow my blog to stay posted on my weekly FREEBIES : )



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