Sunday, September 23, 2012

SPLAT: I Have That! My Latest Series of Differentiated Games

The idea of the game SPLAT: "I Have That!" actually came to me in my sleep a little over a week ago (most of my best activities do!!). I began making these games with the intention of providing consistent support with teaching critical skills in a way that could be differentiated. For the most part, these games will be thematic (seasonal, holiday, ect). Ideally the game will always be played the same way (or in a very similiar way). This is great for students because by being familiar with the rules of the game, they can focus on the skills that are being reinforced. In addition, when using these games during centers/workshop time, students will be familiar enough with the concept giving you more time to provide independent practice (versus spending valuable instructional time teaching the rules of the game). By using a familiar game with skills and themes that can be switched out, students are able to independently work through a variety of skills.

Check out my latest game in the series: Spooky SPLAT: "I Have That!" This game is perfect for reinforcing multiplication facts. I know in my experience, this is a skill my students tend to struggle with the most. when I started using a variety of games that added not only a competive component, but also provided ongoing practice, my students had an easier time memorizing/recalling facts. Most importantly, in an inclusion classroom I usually had a few students with poor working memory. By providing these students with activities that constantly required them to recall their facts, they usually had an easier time memorizing simple multiplication facts. My games don't replace instruction; however I am an advocate for providing students with hands-on games and activities through workshop and center time to reinforce important skills. Especially when a student is working with a deficit. I have seen positive results in the past! Try this game and many others that I have in my TPT Store! If there is a skill you would like to see in a game feel free to email at: or leave a comment below!!

Here is the addition game. This game has three levels for differentiation. Check it out : ) 




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