Monday, December 17, 2012

Primary daily Report: Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light-STOP!

*Originally posted on A Not So Wimpy Teacher's Manual.

Daily reports are an easy way to provide younger students with behavioral support. This is a quick intervention that helps to monitor daily behaviors and communicate them with parents. In addition, it can be a good visual aid that can motivate students- some fact many students, enjoy the special attention. It is important though, to remember that this is still a plan, even if simple, that should be monitored, have simple goals, and have an end date in mind. You want students to feel successful. So this should not be a tool with an undefined end date. For younger students a month is good. For the older students, I always start with two weeks. In my opinion, a fourth grader should not rely on a daily report to help monitor their behavior. They should be working toward monitoring their own behaviors because in essence, being aware of your own behaviors fosters reflection and change. Here is a simple daily report using a stoplight. I've seen several teachers in my building who use the stoplight as part of their whole class plan so I wanted to create an easy form that compliments what they already have in place (instead of reinventing the wheel).

Download Here 
I have one form that lists three easy goals: followed directions, completed classwork, and worked well with others. I've also included a blank form that can be completed with three specific goals by the teacher. At the bottom of the form, you will find a key for parents. And an area for them to sign daily. This is completed at the end of the day. But....if you know me, you know that I am BIG on making students a part of the behavior management process. So I've included a sample chart that you can keep on the board for the students throughout the day.

The key says.... Green- no warnings Yellow- up to three warnings and Red- more than 3 warnings. Each circle is colored at the end of the day. You can keep track using this chart on a whiteboard, laminated poster board, the chalkboard.....anywhere that is visible and can be erased:
Download Here
The check marks represent warnings. By having a quick chart referencing student warnings, it easy to a) have the students color their own circles at the end of the day or at stop points during the day. Or, it is easy for you (or an assistant) to complete at the end of the day. 

Now, what if the student fails to take home this report...loses it, ruins it.....parent never gets it????? Here is a monitoring chart that you can keep on a clip board and you can monitor several students at once. This way you always have a copy for your records and one to share with parents/caretakers when needed. 
Download Here

Feel free to download this or, use it as a guide to make your own. Let me know how it works for you!! I have several forms that I am in the process of posting! If you want to get updated every time a link is shared, be sure to follow my blog. Thanks for visiting, I hope you found this helpful!! 

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