Friday, January 18, 2013

(*Freebie)Not So Wimpy File Folder Game: Super Word Scramble

I LOVE FILE FOLDER GAMES! They are easy to assemble and even easier to use. When you have a collection of file folder games available for your students, you can easily differentiate instruction and provide enagaging activities for students to work on during center/workshop time. Students in 4th grade and up are NOT too old for workshop time! Some teachers start to get away from workshop activities as the students get older. However, it is my theory that workshop acivities are just as relevant in the upper grades. I encourage hands on activities. I think it is necessary to provide practice activities that are game-like but also meaningful. They are great for reinforcing important skills and children can almost always self-check. Most importantly, it makes for easy differentiation!

Just recently I wrote an article on how to implement student-led conferences in your classroom. One of the most important components of this reflective process for students is to identify the areas where they need additional support. By having a collection of file folder games with a variety of skills for them to practice and choose from, students can easily identify activities they need to do more often to improve their skills.

Download Freebie HERE
Here is a *freebie for  you to download and use in your classroom. Check it out and let me know how your students like it! Also, if there is a skill that you would like to see as a file folder game, feel free to leave a comment below!

If you like the Game 1 *freebie, check out the bundled game set here!

Have a great weekend! Happy Friday : )

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