Sunday, June 23, 2013

New (Blog) Design, New Direction...And a LINKY!

WOW! It is great to be back! I had to take a mini break from blogging because life picked up, the book picked up and the time got away from me.

As the school year winded down I began to prioritize the things I wanted to focus on during the summer and next school year and a lot of things began to change and transform! To begin, I AM FINALLY BACK IN THE CLASSROOM! Yes, I am now officially a SECOND GRADE teacher...maybe! I will be teaching and I am at a new school...I interviewed for a second grade position and got hired...but in the SDP (School District of Philadelphia) things can change pretty quickly. So I think I am in second but it could change by the end of the summer. Nonetheless...I am at a new school--- 3 minutes from my house (driving : ). Do you know what this means? YES-- I can sleep 30 minutes longer. #MAJOR.

I also took a few courses on how to better manage my time and blog more consistently and effectively! Blogging is something I love to do so I wanted to figure out how I can fit it all in. I took a few courses, mapped a few things out and here I am with a NEW DESIGN and a new DIRECTION!!

Here are some of the changes!

#1. I have a new email service that I am in love with! In the past I used a different service provider for my newsletter. The service I use now is much easier to work with and can schedule out emails, freebies and newsletters! Be sure to subscribe to my email list! Now you will not only receive freebies, resources, tips and will also receive my latest blog posts sent directly to your inbox! I have a VERY SPECIAL *freebie for new subscribers so fill out the form at the top of this page, opt in and start receiving some great

#2. My blog has taken on a new direction! What I like to do most is share ideas and resources. To be honest, I'm not really into taking a lot of picture while I teach. I like looking at other's and I do it occasionally but if my blog depended on it, it would be DOA!  What I found myself doing a lot of was responding to emails in great detail or answering questions in my FB inbox for teachers and parents who had questions about teaching. And, if you were one of those reaching out and asking questions, then you know first hand that those responses would be longer than some blog posts! So, since I love answering questions, I've decided to turn my blog into a "Ask the Not So Wimpy Teacher" kind of site for teachers,  parents, homeschoolers, tutors, student teachers, etc. If you send me questions via email ( or FB(Not so Wimpy Resources), I will add it to my list of blogging subjects and will share my insight. If I don't know the answer but one of my blogging buddies does, I will share links and web resources to help direct you to the answer. Also, if you I answer your question on my blog (I will email you once the post goes live), I will share a resource with you from my store : )

#3. This summer I will be participating in a book study with a few colleagues. I will be reading The Daily 5 and The CAFE Book with a group of colleagues! I am super late, most bloggers did a book study last summer but last year I was coming out of the classroom to become the Academic Dean of Students so that got bumped down on the list of priorities. The Sisters have some pretty strict copyright rules so anything I make for my class I will be sharing for free on my blog! Make sure you subscribe to stay updated : )

#4 Lastly, but probably the most exciting....I bought a new BLOG DESIGN compliments of Darling and Simple. If you are familiar with Lanesha Tabb from Another Day in First Grade (First Grade Awesomeness) and We are the Tabbs, then you know that she is witty, sweet and very creative! I've been following her blogs for over a year and I adore her!!! She is hilarious and she shares so many nice designs from both her house and projects she has worked on. One day while looking at blog designs on her Darling and Simple blog, I decided to reach out and ask if she could take me on as a new client! I love her clean and simple layouts -- not busy or crowded at all. If you remember my last design--it was super busy and disorganized! I didn't realize how disorganized it was until we started working together on my new design... But now look!! Lanesha was super easy to work with, very professional, she sent videos and pics as she went through designing process, she worked hard to make sure everything was working correctly. I LOVE the finished product!!! I love my new crisp look! I love it so much that I wanted to share my knew blog designer with everyone in bloggy land and I want to give others the chance to share other great designers!!


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So ....the last thing I want to share is my linky party!!! Do you have a blog designer you just love? Do you want to give them a shout out so other bloggers (especially those looking for a new design) can take a tour of your page and see what widgets and designs make yours unique? If so, link up!

Here are the linky rules: 
1. Write a short blog post about your blog designer. Share what you love and what you liked best about your experience, etc. And link up below ( to the post, not your blog).
2. Grab the Linky Image and link back to my page. Be sure to mention the linky and remind your readers that they can find more great designs by following the links from my page.
3. Stop by the linky and be sure to at least visit the link right before and right after yours, show some love and leave them a comment.

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  1. Well, YOU are the link right before mine, and there isn't one after me yet so I'll make sure I leave you extra LOVE! Great new design, just love it. I like you wanted clean and easy to navigate. I had also become a little bogged down by all the "things" I had on my blog page. It was a good time to clean up and brighten up! Hope you hop on over to my blog and check out my tiffany blue and swarovski inspired design! I am really happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy being back in the classroom. I spent over 10 years out of the classroom in admin/consultant postions, but was thrilled to make the transition back going on 7 years ago! I have NOT looked back for a heart is with the students.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer, I still have a week to go!
    Thanks again for giving me another chance to give a shout out to my great blog designer, Barb Leyne from RubySlippers Blog Designs.