Thursday, January 19, 2012

Test Prep Linky Party!

It is that time of year again! Over the next few months, schools all over the country will be getting ready to take "THE TEST". What is THE TEST called in your state? Our test here in Pennsylvania is   called the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment). This is a standards-based, criterion-referenced assessment used to measure a student's attainment of the academic standards while also determining the degree to which school programs enable students to attain proficiency of the standards.  Every Pennsylvania student in grades 3 through 8 and grade 11 is assessed in reading and math.  Every Pennsylvania student in grades 5, 8 and 11 is assessed in writing.  Every Pennsylvania student in grades 4, 8 and 11 is assessed in science. 

Even though the names may change, what this test represents does not. As we all get ready for this high-stakes test, what are you doing to prepare your students? Share your favorite activity, chart, game, and/or strategy. Do you have a favorite website or program that you use? Feel free to share as much as you like. I am positive that whatever you have to offer will help another teacher. I love creating games and authentic expereinces that promote the application of important strategies that translate well on both an assessment and in real life. I will continue to post my activities over the next several weeks!

I look forward to reading and sharing all of your post. Please share your post's link and blog button address below! Check back often for updates and new posts! 

Happy testing, 

Ms. Wainwright : ) 


  1. Great party idea! Will have to write my post later this weekend and link up!

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  2. Our test is called Benchmark. I'm wondering what the Common Core test will be called and look like.

  3. Im definitely going to link up. This year we have a new state test - the STAAR. lord.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

    1. Don't you just love blogs that get us all together on these important instructional issues? Ms. Chrissy B, I work in Texas and have STAAR related reading and writing material. Check us out.

  4. Our fifth graders take a reading and math assessment. During the testing time, we have a theme for each day (sock it to the test--students wear crazy socks; put on your thinking caps--students wear favorite hat; we're part of a winning team---wear favorite team shirt; don't sweat the test--wear sweats). I'm always looking for new ideas for our daily theme :)
    I will be posting math vocabulary in the boys' and girls' bathrooms tomorrow when I go to school to work. Figure if they are in there for a bit, they might just read those and then during the test, picture the vocabulary card.

  5. Great idea for a linky. I've added your party to my Linky Party list on my blog too.

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  7. Thank you Ms. Wainwright for providing such a wonderful forum for us to link up our test prep materials. But most of all, thank you for your blog on this matter. I stated it before, but I will repeat it... Your blog post about test preparation staring from the beginning of the year was right on! WELL SAID! You are definitely a Not So Wimpy Teacher! Hugs from the folks at Fisher Reyna Education.

  8. I'm a new follower and will definitely link up to this test prep linky party in the next day or two. Great blog name :)

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  9. Thanks for the party. I am your newest follower.

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  10. Bummer, I missed the linky party! But thanks for collecting all these great test prep resources. I am your newest follower :)