Thursday, November 22, 2012

Apple Turkeys and a SALE!

When I was in second grade I had a wonderful teacher, Francine Porter. She was great for so many reasons. I remember playing a hand clap game that I play with my students now when practicing parts of speech...I remember how she always smelled like hot coco with miniature marshmallows mixed with a dab of coffee....I remember laminated game pieces that attached to a game board with Velcro...I remember going to see Michael Jackson's last concert in Philadelphia the year I was in her class. I remember her red lipstick and Chinese bob haircut...I remember her coming next door to speak with my mom when I acted up in class one day (her parents lived next door to me and I only remember her having to make ONE house visit!!) Best of all, I remember her making apple turkeys with my class for Thanksgiving and I vowed that WHEN I had my own classroom, filled with my own students, I would make apple turkeys (and games with laminated pieces that stuck game boards with Velcro) too! I've been making them ever since : ) 

You need apples, marshmallows, toothpicks and raisins

Create the apple turkey's frame using toothpicks

Use a large marshmallow for the head and the smaller marshmallow and raisins for the feathers and legs

Let the students become creative! 

Apple Turkey!! 
The students really enjoyed this activity : ) 

It's that time again!! Time for a TPT Sale!!

 I always look forward to TPT's big sales! It is usually the time when I really get to shop around and find really great resources to use for teaching! I used to think, "why buy it....I can make it!" But I soon came to realize that there was no need to reinvent the wheel and besides....if I can buy it from someone else, I  have more time to focus on things I really like to create! TPT is a gift from Teachers' Heaven!! It is THE best way to cut down on planning time! What I enjoy creating are cool games for differentiation  and small group instruction. When you have great games that engage your students, they get to practice important skills while having fun. I've learned that when teaching in an inclusion classroom, it is important to have a variety of hands-on activities for every skill. This provides reinforcement and it allows students to "feel their way through".....hands-on learning is very beneficial for most students.

Check out all of the games I have in my store and grab them on sale this Monday and Tuesday!! Here are a few of my favorite :)

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Many teachers will be hosting sales this Cyber Monday! Below you will find links to participating teacher stores. Be sure to visit all of them, this is THE best time to stock up for winter! 

Have a GREAT holiday weekend! 

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