Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cafe Read-A-Latte: A Reading Contract and Reading Log *FREEBIE

Download for *FREE
In the past I used to have a read-a-thon in my class to raise money for students to add books to their personal library. I called this read-a-thon: Cafe Read-A-Latte. The students enjoyed it and I always raised enough money for students to get at least 3 or more books each. Some students even raised over $100 each (which they were allowed to use to purchase books for their personal library). I love the name Cafe-Read-A-Latte so much that I am always looking for a way to use it for anything reading related. I found this clip art on and knew I would eventually use it ( name is Kathie and I hoard clipart). Well this past weekend I was working on my reader's companion for the book Enemy Pie and knew I wanted to create a reading contract and reading log to give away as a *freebie. As I scrolled through my clipart, looking for an image to use on the cover, of course I instantly decided on my latte bears! So...this is a really cute cover sheet and yes....I realize it is quite girlie. But, lets face it...most covers are for the teachers anyway, right? The content is for the students. I know, I know, I know....never judge a resource by its cover. But...we do!!! So with that said I will add my disclaimer. This is a REALLY cute cover...but the forms are basic...and not gender specific!! You can check them out below if you don't believe me : )

Either way, you will find this resource helpful when organizing reading workshop, independent reading, and or developing reading centers/workshops in your class. It will help students keep track of what they are reading in a meaningful way. And, you can use it as a formative assessment. Download it for free in my TPT store (don't forget to follow to get updates on newly added *freebies) and let me know how you like it. If you are looking for any additional  center/workshop ideas to enhance yor independent reading time for your students, check out my new Reader's Companion for the Book: Enemy Pie.

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