Saturday, January 5, 2013


Happy New Year! I have been busy busy busy planning for what I will claim now as "The Most Magnificent Year of My Life". I have made made the commitment to myself and to my readers to pursue blogging as my part-time job! Why? Because in the future I would love to make being a writer my full-time job!! Of course I will still teach, I've wanted to be a teacher  my entire life and I can't see me NOT being a teacher; however, I see me doing it in a different way in the future. I will throw it out into the universe (from my fingertips to God's ears). I want to travel as a children's book author, present at large conferences, research and write educational resources, teach on the collegiate level and run summer reading clinics for student who struggle with reading. A mouthful, right?!! Yup. That is my goal and I have a plan. So here is what you can expect....more meaningful content on my blog and a monthly newsletter. This is my first year not taking classes, working on a certificate or degree, or taking any major exams. I have literally been in school since kindergarten. So now without the demands on my time to finish a final, write a research paper, prepare entries for National Board, complete a field study, study, etc., I now have more time to write for my blog! In fact, I've mapped out three major articles for January, February and March already. I will be posting them on my blog AND I will be sharing the article as a PDF and the resources to support the content in my monthly newsletter! So if you subscribe here, you will get the article before it goes live on my blog! And, the resources that I post in my TPT store (for sale) will be offered in the newsletter for *free (for a limited time)!

Also, you can expect many many many book reviews! I want to share books, great books with my readers. These will be books that you can read in the classroom, share with your children at home, give as gifts, or just add to your personal collection!! I have been wanting to do this for a long time but my time was limited. Now that I am (somewhat) FREE, I have the time!! I will also be hosting interviews with authors when possible and offering teacher resources to support the books that I review.

Many of you may already know that this spring I will be releasing my first children's book, Summer in the City!  I will be sharing information on my blog about this process. I will post links and other information that can be helpful to anyone else who is interested in publishing a book also. Of course I will share sneak peeks and resources to use with my book. I may even brag here and there about how much fun I am having as a published author : )

My first newsletter will be emailed out this week. I haven't picked a date yet, but it is coming this week! Be sure to subscribe here if you want to receive it!

One final thing I want to share is my unique link to As a blogger and teacherpreneur (I love that word), I advertise on my blog through Google and Amazon. I get a small commission every time an ad is viewed or a purchase is made through my link. I also sell my resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. ALL of the money that I make through these links go directly toward publishing my book. I am considered an independent author and I established my own independent publishing company. It was a leap of faith, I tried to get my book published the traditional way but it wasn't working for me so I took matters into my own hands. Independent authors are sometimes frowned upon because some may feel like, "well if their book is good, a publisher will pick it up...". My response to that is, a larger publisher will eventually pick it up. I am just making it easier for them! I know that I have a best seller on my hands and I believe in my vision. This is why I have basically spent every extra dime I have on publishing my book. BUT IT AINT CHEAP!! I had to pay for my illustrator (who is an award winning illustrator- Nancy Devard)...I had to pay for everything that goes into a published book (ISBN, Copyright), for the mass printing and for some other things that add up quickly! I have no complaints. I love every minute of this, it is what I dreamed about. I say all that to say, every time you use my Amazon link or buy from my TPT, you are supporting an "indie author". This is why I will be giving away so many more resources in 2013 (because I really appreciate the support : ). This is how you can help. click on the picture below. It will take you to through my affiliate link. Bookmark that link and use it every time you shop on Amazon. I am not made aware of what you buy and I have no access to any of your personal information. All I do is serve as a referral!

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I appreciate your support and I value your feedback!! Thank you for stopping by, please come often! ~Have a GREAT 2013!!

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Stay organized this new year : )


  1. Awesome!! May the Lord continue to bless your endeavors!

  2. Love the you have a dream and a game plan! One of my favorite home bloggers wrote last January about giving herself permission to let go and dream big. So incredible to see what last year brought her. Hope this year you realize all of your dreams!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  3. Thanks : )
    I always say my full-time job gets in the way of my hobby!!! Prayerfully, I can make my 2nd hobby my full-time job! (Teaching is my number 1 hobby :)

  4. What a wonderful goal for the new year! I love how focused and determined you are - keys to success! Congratulations and I wish you luck :)