Sunday, January 27, 2013

President's Day Freebie: A Ready-Made Research Project

Here is a *freebie I am sure you are going to love! Do you want to assign a take-home project? Are you  overwhelmed with testing, grading, RTI, and other everyday teaching challenges that seem to weigh on you like a ton of bricks this time of year? If so, this ready-made assignment has everything you need to assign a president report to your students. This mini activity unit comes with a directions page for your student, a grading rubric, an oral report rubric, a calendar for scheduling oral reports AND information cards for EACH United States president. All you have to do is hand it to your students, everything else has been done for you! 

Download HERE for *Free

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Enjoy : ) 


  1. Fun!!! Thanks so much. This is very helpful, and I think my kids will enjoy it!

  2. You have wonderful Freebies! THANKS for sharing! Here's to the wonderful, Red, White, and Blue!