Thursday, January 24, 2013

Using Glyphs in the Classroom and a *Freebie

Download HERE

A glyph is a chart that shares specific information. Short for hieroglyphic, a glyph is a type of picture writing that conveys information. Glyphs are made by collecting data and developing a legend. Components of the final picture express specific information or ideas. The legend highlights the meaning of each feature found on the glyph. The idea is that the final picture tells a simple story about the individual who created it. 

The information complied from the data can be used in a variety of ways. It can be graphed, it can serve as conversation or story starters. It can be displayed to help create a responsive environment. Children can discuss this information in pairs or small groups.  Glyphs are great for team building activities, interpreting data, icebreakers and/or time fillers. Students love using the legend to analyze their peers!! Here is an easy to use *freebie. This is perfect for a "snowy day" activity! Save it to your toolbox and share with your colleagues : )  


  1. This is great because it doesn't require creating the snowman via cutting and pasting. You get a great glyph lesson without too much time involved. Do you more like this? Thank you!

  2. I will make some more and email you a special set! Give me a week or so. Do you have anything in particular you are looking for? I am thinking a VDay glyph and I have a few other ideas. Feel free to share any ideas you have! I am happy you like it!