Friday, July 19, 2013

The Daily Five in Action (Resource Guide)

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Welcome to my book study on  The Daily Five. Read past posts here: 

Chapters 4-7 discuss how you can implement the D5 in your classroom. These chapters serve as an excellent resource; they have great lesson ideas and even provide a sort of script for when you introduce these routines to your students.

I have to be honest. When I first wrote this post, I summarized chapters 4-6. As I came up on the end of chapter 6 I asked myself, is this beneficial and would I read this if it was posted by someone else??? I want to provide information that is useful and relevant to my readers. At this point, after I deleted what I wrote, I really believe that anything else  you get from the book should probably come first hand. The summary benefited me because it helped me to digest the information. But if this is something you are interested in doing, reading a summary of the process isn't enough. Primarily because chapters 4-6 discuss implementing the program-- explaining what it looks like in action and will answer your questions directly in chapter 7 which focuses on troubleshooting the D5 in action. For a brief summary and discussion of key points chapters 1-3 click here. There are also several blogs that have detailed information on The D5 chapters 4-7. So, I figured I would do something a little different.

Consider this post as a guide for anyone who is interested in doing D5 in their classroom. I really think it will be more resourceful if I share links to great resources that will help you get started in September. I initially wanted to make my own resources....which I will probably do eventually. But for now, why reinvent the wheel???! There are a ton of FREE resources that are well-done and ready to go on TPT. Here are some of my favorite links both on TPT and Pinterest.


First Grade in Foxwell Forest will be hosting a monthly link up where teachers can share their D5 experiences, lessons and resources. Her first post already has a some great freebies, check it out here!  Feel free to hop on over to link up and/or visit other bloggers who are doing D5 in their classrooms. Click the image to visit her blog. And, don't forget to check out the freebies I've found below : ) 


Daily 5 Cards (Frogs)
By Faith Wheeler

Daily 5 Praise Necklaces
By: Spotted in First Grade

Daily 5 Detectives Read to Self FREEBIE
By: Gina S

Daily 5 Goodies
By: Lori Rosenberg - Teaching With Love and Laughter

Daily 5 Clip Chart Rotation
BY: Mel D

Daily 5 & Cafe "I Can" Posters
By: Mrs McDavid

Read to Self Conferencing Checklists for Daily 5
By: Kelly Findsen


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  1. Hi there! Just meeting you through the Daily 5 linky! Your reference links was a GREAT idea! Thanks so much! I am happy to be your newest follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. Kathie! Thank you so much for linking up!! You have some GREAT resources here! I'm right there with you-why reinvent the wheel when there are so many good things out there to use! :)

    I'm SO glad that you joined the Daily 5 on the Fifth party so that we can all learn and grow together!

    Becca :)
    First Grade in Foxwell Forest

  3. I teach 1st Grade. I'm really curious how many teachers (who've been doing D5) actually do the mini lesson between each round AND for how long? The sisters say 5-7 min HA! Most bloggers I've read say more like 15 min., but my district mandates I meet with each student in a reading group daily and I'll have a minimum of 5 groups with (22-23 kids). 20 min. is the least I can spend with avg.-lower kids. My high kids I could see for 10-15 min. Also how many of you just have writing in the D5 and not as a stand alone 20-23 min. block? Thanks for any advice! I'd really like to do this without "changing" it too much