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TPT is finally having their HUGE Back 2 School sale! I partnered up with a few bloggers to bring you a unique "BUY ONE GET ONE FREE" opportunity! There are several amazing resources out there for you to buy! Some you may need more than others. Because I know what it means to hustle a great sale (I stalk Staples, Target, Michaels, and Lakeshore throughout the summer for the best sale prices), we are giving away one free resource with the purchase of one featured item from our stores.

Here is how it works...

I am featuring my brand new WORD STUDY BINDER BUDDY! When you buy this, you will get a secret link located after the cover page of your resource. Go to this link and download my Making Words Flap Book (worth $4.99

About the Word Study Binder Buddy:

The Word Study Binder is a resource designed to support teachers with the implementation of word study in their classroom. The goal is not to reinvent a strategy that has already been developed; the idea is to provide teachers with supplemental resources that can be used by both the instructor and the child to further enhance their understanding of words and how they work. The teacher’s binder will hold all of the resources to guide small group instruction with the students. The student’s binder is designed to support the student at home. My primary purpose for creating this binder buddy is to get away from providing students with worksheets for homework. Instead students will develop nightly routines that can be followed independently or with support to reinforce important language skills. 

This resource is great for differentiating instruction, providing independent practice and guided instruction. It is perfect for the teacher who is looking to do word study in their class and is looking for supplemental resources that can help you get started with very little preparation. This resource is ready to use and requires very little preparation! 

About the Making Words Flap Book: 
The Making Words Flip Book resource is perfect for reinforcing new spelling concepts immediately after they have been introduced. This resource has all of the short vowel sounds and can be differentiated when necessary. Students can work on this activity independently or in a small group.

For more Back 2 School BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE discounts visit the blogs below! There are ome great resources for reading, science and classroom management! Happy shopping : ) 

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I am also participating in a really fun linky hosted by Christine over at Bainbridge Class called The Best and Most.  

Remember in high school when you had to vote for the "best of"? Well that was the inspiration for this linky! Take a look at my Best and Most poster! What I did was choose some of my favorite items in my store that I know every teacher may need. Voted "teacher's pet" in my store is my Super Student Ultimate Forms Kit! Great for managing important notes and records, this kit includes every form of paperwork I could think of! It help you stay organized and there are even notes that you can send home to parents to help keep them on the same page! 

Most likely to help your students succeed is my Word Study Binder Buddy! This is perfect for developing those very important early reading/phonics skills. If you are working with students who are developing reading skills, this kit is a must have!! 

My last featured items, voted best couple, are the Super Student Classroom Theme set and the companion word wall kit. These are perfect if you are looking for a bright and colorful classroom. I use the primary colors to decorate your classroom. If you purchase this set, you will have just about everything you need to coordinate your classroom decorations! Also, as I need new things in my classroom, I will update this file and you will get the updates for free! Somethings that I am adding are the numbers and sign for the 100 days of school, classroom jobs and CAFE Signs. Check it out here! 

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 Visit my TPT for more resources and activities. Be sure to follow my store to get regular updates on new items added to my store.

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  1. LOVE the idea of the Teacher Binder! It is the middle of the year in Australia, so I will be saving that resource!
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