Monday, October 7, 2013

One day I'll have time to blog again....

I knew I was going to be super busy once school started but I had NO I.D.E.A. I was going to be THIS busy. Teaching second grade is a blessing and I enjoy it. I think it is my favorite grade to teach and I think it is because I really get in to teaching my students how to read--I am constantly being pushed to be a better teacher because the needs of my students change and vary across the class. It is like they are little flowers growing right in front of my eyes. I could go on and on.....What has kept me super busy is planning, tweaking my plans nightly and creating most of my materials from scratch. So I would spend the weekend planning the best lesson plans. I would make what I need and then go into the classroom, teach it and realize...I need to do it a little different! So, basically, I have been replanning every night and making supplemental material to support my plans. I have, however, come across some nuggets on TPT which I will definitely share later. I also look forward to sharing some of my favorite resources that I have been using(kid tested, teacher approved). I just wanted to send out a post to say hello! Over the next few weeks I have a review to share on the world's BEST pencil sharpener, some daily five updates, a few tips for differentiating instruction and aligning your lessons to the common core, and some funny 2nd grade stories! It seems like the planning is easing up just a bit because I am finding my groove and as soon as I no longer have to stay up until 1:00 am tweaking plans, I promise to share some freebies and some new resources! I have a TON of new material, it is just raw (not a finished product) because I basically make it, print it, laminate it and then use it my class....I haven't had much time to "make it pretty". Here are a few sneak peeks for what is coming soon....

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  1. I know exactly what you're saying. My goal is to blog once a week (now) and that's happening...sometimes. Now I'm spending my fall break planning how to make my classroom even better. Guess I'll blog about that...some time!